Le patrimoine naturel

Commune of Vendeuvre-du-Poitou    
The Town is situated at the foot of a hill, from which it probably takes its original Celtic name of Vindobriga, the White Hill, and a light eminence where a Roman city was built of more than 100 hectares on the site of Tours Mirandes during the 2nd century and in the 3rd century. 
10 minutes from Futuroscope and close to the main roads, this municipality of 3000 inhabitants has succeeded in keeping alive its own culture and the peaceful nature of the rural district. 
All public services and businesses are available here. Sport and cultural associations provide activities and a warm welcome.
At the heart of a zone of exchanges, in the Roman period between Pictons and Ambilatres, in the Middle Ages, between Inhabitants of Poitou and Inhabitants of Anjou, Vendeuvre is also known for the wealth of its land, which makes it a truck-farming important commune. Delicious melons in summer in the good asparaguses of the spring, by way of the good pumpkins of the winter, a real happiness for papilla!