Fire Brigade

The Fire Station is an important emergency service (Centre of First Intervention,) which makes between 8 and 100 emergency call outs a year, dealing with accidents, some medical emergencies such as people fainting, chimney fires, (home or of an agricultural nature) and certain other operations such as dealing with floods and rescuing animals.

This CFI is staffed by Major Gérard SIMON, Head of this Fire Station and about 14 firemen.
Président : Cédric GERBAUD

Caserne des Sapeurs Pompiers 
27, Z.A. du Bois de la Grève 
86380 Vendeuvre-du-Poitou 


The Fire Brigade of Vendeuvre-du-Poitou aims at assuring, developing and making known preventative measures in case of disasters in the rural zone, as well as organizing and managing all the demonstrations within the same association. 
Recruitment: At present, staff are decreasing because of various transfers and professional promotions. For this reason, we are in a phase of recruitment open to everybody from 18 to 45 years.
For more information: contact Major Gérard Simon at 05 49 59 95 14 or 06 14 06 22 07.