Environment and landscapes

    Various landscapes emphasised
Valuation of our landscapes
The Commune of Vendeuvre-du-Poitou locates on large area and groups various landscapes from North to South together: 
• Valley of Envigne
• Region of Tuffeau
• Valley of La Pallu
• Vineyard of Haut-Poitou
• Plains of Neuville.
The South of the municipality includes a zone Natura 2000 as well as two ZNIEFF. 
To emphasize the diversity of our landscapes, plantations, some developments are realized or in project in different places:
• Wood of the children: extension of a current project with a better adaptation of the species = plains of Neuville
• Les Tours Mirandes: on January 21st, 2011, five classes of the primary school followed one another to plant a hedge of 300 trees and shrubs (200 meters)! The project, directed by Prom' haies, participated to the Regional Day of Tree and the Hedge 2010
• Swamps area: see below
    Swamps area 
The project:

In almost central position, territories located on the verge of la Pallu have been bought by the Commune. 

There was a lay-by with poplars on one of them but these poplars were old and dangerous, so we decided to cut them. The new lay-by will be finished only the next autumn and will offer:
• Games for children
• A place to picnic
• A bulletin board
• Hiking circuits
• A disabled access
• Parks for mobile home