Energy conservation

    Call for projects
"Improvement of the Energy Performance of the Existing Built Heritage"
"Improvement of the Energy Performance of the Existing Built Heritage"
The Municipality is committed into the initiative proposed by the regional call for projects: 
"Improvement of the energy performance of the built patrimony of Communes under 10 000 inhabitants " in partnership with Europe, A.D.E.M.E. and the Region of Poitou-Charentes. 
This project consists in obtaining a reduction of at least 30 % on the energy consumption of municipal buildings.
Studies have been realized in 2009 on the energy consumption of all buildings. The School complex have been identified as the most energyvore buildings, an energy audit has been made. After this initiative, the town council, after having deliberated unanimously, decided on September 28th, 2010 to answer to the second part of this call for projects. 
The town council approved the multiannual plan of works (2009-2012) and adopted a financial plan taking into account subsidies of the Region Poitou-Charentes and Europe. 
An important plan of works has been established:
The installation of a new boiler condensation gas more efficient has been realized at the end 2009.
The insulation of the kindergarten must be remade, including the change of joineries and a new outside wrapping in 2012.
The change of the joineries of the primary school in 2012.
Works, planned by the call for projects, will ensure the decreasing of energy consumptions and ensure a better well-being for children and teachers.  
Furthermore the insulation of attic is planned for the city-hall and adjoining. This case includes a campaign of awareness and information already committed for people, who work in buildings of the Commune and inhabitants this Commune.
Poster campaigns are going to be made in every municipal building to incite users for a thrifty use of places. 
Guides and documents proposed by the A.D.E.M.E. are available for free at the city-hall.
We count on you to help us to achieve the project!


    Save, it is to easy!
Some advices
·         Reduce the temperature of one degree: from 20°C to 19°C it is also consumption of 7% less.
·         Turn on the light only if it is necessary. Turn off the light when you go out from a room.
·         Close doors and windows when the heating is on.
    Energy saving and Renewable energies
Municipal and personal projects
On the occasion of the regional call for projects it seems very important to us to offer free and personalized information to people, who want to make construction or renovation works.
Introduced by the ADEME in 2001, the Espaces INFO>ENERGY are financed by local authorities. Their first mission is to propose to people some advices and real solutions to:
·         control energy consumptions: heating, insulation, building materials, lighting, equipments and electric devices, air conditioning …
·         use renewable energies: solar energy, geothermal energy, biomass … Signatory of a charter with the ADEME, the CPIE Seuil du Poitou, expanding(carrier) structure of the Espace INFO>ENERGY covering among others the municipality of Vendeuvre-du-Poitou, makes a commitment to assure(insure) a free, objective and independent advice.

You could contact directly the Espace INFO>ENERGIE, all the year:
·         CPIE Seuil du Poitou
Mr.Chollet Grégory
Moulin de Chitré - ECOLOGIA 86210 Vouneuil sur Vienne
Phone number: 05 49 85 11 66
Website: http: // to