Hikes are organized by the Tourist Office every first Saturday of the month (excepted on July and August)  
Start is at 9.am in front of the tourist office, where the coffee is offered. It is free and no registration is required.
Our hikes are the opportunity to spend time together and discover the local heritage in a friendly atmosphere .
CAUTION: The program below can be modified in accordance with the availability of volunteers and weather.  
    Our Hikes
Hikes 2015 Destination
Saturday, January 3rd "Small hike after new year"
Saturday, February 7th "hike in Ouzilly"
Saturday, March 7th "Around Migné-Auxances"
Saturday, April 4th "Discover West Poitiers"
Saturady, May 2nd "Mirebeau - Fountains tour"
Saturday, June 6th "Neuville - L'Arboretum"
Saturday, June 27th "Evening hike with a surprise"
Saturday, September 5th "Béruges - Abbaye du Pin"
Saturday, October 3rd "Chiré-en-Montreuil"
Saturday, November 7th "Marigny-Brizay/Beaumont - Discover Ampelidae"
Saturday, December 5th "Hike for the association Téléthon"
For more information: +335.  
    Our Brochures
You can find leaflets about hikes in the Region at the tourist office. Information: +335.

You can also check the link below, where you will find hikes of our Region with an explaination and a map. Enjoy!